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Shiny Satin Scarf

Our beautiful, shiny satin headscarf that will make heads turn!

So adaptable for any look you desire, become a 50's starlet, mysterious and sexy. The scarf is a 36 inches square and made from single-sided satin. The scarf edged in fine stitching, so it won't fray.

In our shots we simply made the square satin material into a triangle, placed it over the head and tied under the chin then tied again around the back into a bow for that sexy 'starlet' look.

Or maybe you wish to wear it around your neck? Again, we put the material into a triangle and tied it into a bow on one side - an amazing look which will go with any blouse you have.

So classy and sexy!

Available in many colours!

Shiny Satin Scarf

Shiny Satin Scarf

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