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Simona Extreme Ballet Mary Jane

Our own in-house design of the Mary Jane in an extreme ballet shoe styling.

Our shoes are not mass-produced like every other store; what we have created is 100% manufactured by us, and designed especially for hot fetish games.

Made in PU to a high standard with an enforced sole, and a strap that goes over the front of the shoe with an adjustable, cute buckle.

Get the optional lockable version for fetish play! This features a second strap that goes around your ankle with a lockable small D-ring.

What makes our Ballet shoes stand out from others is the sleek heel; we have designed the heel so that it is flush with the shoe and not like other brands where they have just placed a normal heel to the ballet shoe. If your a fan of Ballet heels then you will notice the heel difference instantly, and we believe far sexier than your average Ballet shoe.

Simona Extreme Ballet Mary Jane

Simona Extreme Ballet Mary Jane

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