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PVC Puppy Snout Mask

Get your pups tail wagging with this spectacular hood.

Made in shiny PVC and features a lockable posture collar with a front D-ring and large O-ring for attaching a lead and a long snout with a double zip front for feeding and giving other little treats.

Easy to clean means pup can sniff anywhere, and get wet and messy!

It has a large O-ring at the rear of the head that the PVC straps are connected to, and all three main straps have lockable buckles for easy use of padlocks to keep your pup locked in until it is time for release. (padlocks not included)

The stand up puppy ears will let other pups know just how happy you are, so be prepared to be mounted!

One size, fits all.

PVC Puppy Snout Mask

PVC Puppy Snout Mask

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