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Locking Pony Harness

Our Lockable Ponygirl Harness will not only keep you in your place but it also looks beautiful.

Made in either shiny PVC or Leather, the locking pony harness features, a large O ring at the chest, with adjustable buckle straps that go over the shoulders, with loops that thread through the waist-strap then padlocked. (padlock not supplied)

The front adjustable buckle strap is attached to the waist-strap and also the high cut panty and has a D ring at the center.

The panty is beautifully shaped at the front, with large O rings at the side of the waist, and with a D ring at the center.

The waist strap has slits on one side which easily fits over a D ring at the rear and then padlocked. (padlock not supplied) A single strap goes between your legs and secured with press studs.

Get the optional pony grips or long reins for the ultimate control! When ordering please tell us the colour of the reins or grips you want!

Check out our thigh high pony boots and gloves to complete your pony look!

Size Female Small is recommended for petite females and slim guys, whilst Unisex L is for larger framed men. If you store your Height, Chest and Waist sizes in your Shop account, we can adjust the size for you, for an even better fit!

Please note the head harness and pony boots and gloves the model is wearing is NOT included! Nor is the model herself!

Locking Pony Harness

Locking Pony Harness

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