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Leather Kneeling Straps (pair)

Real leather, hand-made, thigh/leg restraints with attached wrist straps!

Feel totally at the mercy of your playmate, because once your locked securely there really is no escape!

How they work? Step into the leather loop inside the restraint and then kneel on it. This leather loop stops the restraint from being removable. Use the adjustable buckle to secure your thigh and mid-calf together, then place your wrist on the wrist restraint that is attached to the leg strap and use the large "D" ring to secure your wrist with a padlock.

Optional thick locks (not supplied) will keep you firmly locked in and under full control.

Size Female Small is recommended for petite females and slim guys, whilst Unisex L is for larger framed men. If you store your body Height and Chest size in your Shop account, we can adjust the straps for you, for an even better fit!

Leather Kneeling Straps (pair)

Leather Kneeling Straps (pair)

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