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Topless Strait-Jacket

If one needs to be bound then why not do it with style in our Topless Straight-jacket!

Our sexy straight jacket is made in real leather or leatherette (fake-leather) material and has a buckling leather collar with a "D" ring at the front for attachments.

It has an adjustable leather buckle strap down the center front to make it comfortable or as uncomfortable as you wish for the wearer; and at the end it has a second "D" ring with a large jingle bell which can also be used for attachments.

The straight-jacket is held at the back with adjustable leather buckle straps, once secure there really is no escape!

The extra long sleeve/glove that extend beyond the fingertips have leather studded loops that large "0" rings are attached, arms are folded at the front and then clamped together at the back.

The amazing feature of this jacket is that everything on the wearer's body's is accessible unlike the traditional straight jacket where everything is covered, this is much more fun!

Topless Strait-Jacket

Topless Strait-Jacket

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